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Customized social media strategies and management

BBA helps you grow brand awareness and engagement on the internet to increase your client database, book more appointments, and ultimately generate higher revenue.

Growing your online presence

our mission

BBA possesses a deep respect for the valuable time and the importance of confidentiality related to doctors, patients, and anyone else involved throughout the process of creating social media content.

we keep respect top of mind.

how we do it


From our vast experience and exposure to the field, we know it is critical to conduct ourselves in the utmost professional manner at all times within the medical environment–how we interact with your patients and staff, how we dress, etc. That includes wearing surgically-approved attire (scrubs) in the operating room.

we are always professional.


We follow your specific office protocols for Covid-19 and other hygienic concerns. BBA also takes patient privacy and anonymity seriously, with a sensitivity to their body transformation journey (exercising caution with regard to videotaping angles, blurring tattoos, etc.). Our close relationship with Facebook representatives informs us what will/will not be allowed for social media viewing.

we follow medical protocols.


BBA treats your practice/business like our own–your success is ours, too. So, we go the extra mile to be a full-time member of your team as we strive to maximize social media outcomes. Through weekly and monthly communication touchpoints, we continually work with you to grow your practice/business by generating fresh and relevant content…with unlimited designs and revisions at no extra cost.

we collaborate for success.


BBA has the ability to team up with a large network of celebrities/influencers, and leverage an equally large network of brands to be able to offer giveaways at live promotional events we plan and host for your existing and potential patients.

we partner with large networks.


BBA remains in close contact with you to report on tracked growth and social media results. You receive personalized monthly reports with recommended strategic plans for the future. We also send automated emails to leads coming from social media ads, utilizing an SMS service for instant reply. Thus, maximizing the chance they will book a consultation on the spot!

we provide project support.


Manon Berryman

Manon Berryman is CEO and co-founder of Berry Brand Agency (BBA). Her early career as a real estate agent/owner in Marseille, France was built upon the power of online marketing. The only official web-based agency at the time (2012), she partnered with Jalis (the French Google) to rapidly grow her business. She also launched a body positivity campaign on Instagram and soon discovered social media as the path to build community among like-minded people. She combined her passion for finding unique digital marketing solutions and supporting the confidence of plus-size women, by working as a content creator, social media manager, and influencer for well-known clothing, skincare, and lifestyle brands. Manon continues to play an active role as the Digital Marketing and Influencer Director under the BBA umbrella of services.

meet your experts

Anthony Berryman

Anthony Berryman is co-founder of Berry Brand Agency (BBA), alongside Manon. He is an honored veteran, who served in the army from 2011 to 2015 and was deployed to Malaysia, Japan, and Afghanistan in 2012. Having worked in the areas of customer service and private security for several years, he was looking for a career change. That's when he decided to join his wife in the start-up of BBA, and they have been working together ever since to create and expand the business. After four years of intensive training in the evolving world of digital marketing, he is now the CFO and Social Media Director/Content Creator Director of the firm. Anthony produces videos and photos and is responsible for mentoring the content creation team. He is a person of high integrity, who can be trusted with any job assignment to deliver first-class results.