Fulfilling client needs since 2015 

don't take it from us, check out our client results

Fulfilling client needs since 2018 

don't take it from us, check out our client results

Case Study 1

Beverly Hills Physicians is a Plastic and Bariatric Surgery practice, with eight locations in Southern California. BBA ongoingly manages their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Google My Business. We provide daily posting on Instagram feeds + stories, content creation, photo/video production, and digital ads for Plastic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery.

social media management

content creation

digital advertising

Beverly Hills Physicians

✓ 100 to 142K followers on Instagram

✓ 300 to 1,000 leads a month (PLASTIC SURGERY)

✓ cost-per-result of $20 to $40 (Plastic Surgery)

✓ 400 to 1,500 leads a month (BARIATRIC SURGERY)

✓ Cost-per-result of $4 to $8 (Bariatric Surgery)

✓ 800K to 1M organic impressions/month on ig

✓ 200K to 400K organic reach/month on ig

✓ viral videos on TikTok, with 80K to 150K views

✓ organic views on reels, from 2K to 40K views

Case Study 2

In 2020 TOPIX Pharmaceuticals enlisted the help of BBA for their upcoming science-based brand Dr. Zenovia Skin Care. Dr. Zenovia is a Hormonal Dermatology & Dermatologist-developed skincare line combatting hormonally imbalanced skin. Prior to launching the e-shop in the middle of the pandemic, BBA started building Dr. Zenovia Skin Care a strong online presence by creating educational content about the Dermatologist behind the brand, the mission behind the skincare line, and the benefits and efficacy of their science-based and dermatologist developed skincare products. BBA created Dr. Zenovia Skin Care Instagram Page and started the launch of their first-ever Influencer/Ambassador program to ensure a successful launch. The following year in 2021 Topix Pharmaceuticals once again sought out BBA to help with a different science-based skincare brand REPLENIX. Dermatologist-Recommended for over 40 years REPLENIX was only available B2B. BBA helps the transition to selling B2C by reaching out to targeted Beauty & Lifestyle Influencers and managing gifting collaborations to bring awareness on social media and spread out the news.


social media management

influencer program launch

Replenix, TOPIX Pharmaceuticals

Started Instagram Page + Help Grow to over +130K followers with Giveaways Campaigns And Influencer Gifting

Content Creation Strategy + Social Media Mgmt from scratch with few assets

Launch First-Ever Influencer/Ambassador Program with over +1K BBA influencers


Case Study 3

The Tessler Plastic Surgery practice, located in Scottsdale Arizona, is operated by a team of two renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeons, specializing in breast and body contouring, breast reconstruction, migraine and neuroma surgery, and facial aesthetic surgery. BBA created their Facebook business and ad accounts, and started running paid ad campaigns from May to Nov 2022 (currently). 


Tessler Plastic Surgery

From 3 leads at $110 cost-per-result in the first month to 30-70 a month for $7 to $40 cost-per-result with a small monthly budget.

social media management

content creation

digital advertising

Case Study 4

"Not So Pretty" is a captivating and thought-provoking HBO MAX show that challenges conventional beauty standards. It follows the journey of a talented but unconventional makeup artist, as she navigates the competitive world of the beauty industry. The series delves into the complexities of self-acceptance, societal pressures, and the true meaning of beauty. With its compelling storyline, relatable characters, and powerful performances, "Not So Pretty" invites viewers to question and redefine their perceptions of beauty. This groundbreaking show sheds light on important issues while delivering an entertaining and empowering viewing experience.

HBO MAX wanted to reach out massively to Beauty influencers to not only raise
awareness but also allows for diverse voices to be heard, resulting in increased views and
a broader impact. It's a win-win situation where the show benefits from influencer
promotion while empowering influencers to champion important conversations.


HBO Max's "Not So Pretty" Campaign

Average of 3,300 influencers reached out in 1 month.